About Us

Since 1986, our team has provided effective recycling solutions and established best practice methods in a variety of industries throughout the Southeast. Our ability to provide complete sustainable solutions to our clients has been the key to our success. SRS establishes long term partnerships with our clients which allows us to continually seek new recycling opportunities to help achieve their waste reduction goals as their business evolves and changes.

The concept of increased social responsibility and corporate stewardship have gained momentum in board rooms across America. In fact, some companies have parlayed their “sustainability initiatives” record into a competitive advantage as more contracts are awarded each year to companies that adhere to stricter and more responsible environmental standards. Recycling has become a critical aspect of these initiatives.

Many companies have an increased awareness of how an effective recycling program can influence their bottom line profitability. New revenues streams are being created by recycling and it is reducing waste expenses and having a positive effect on their bottom line.

Why pay to throw away what you can sell while establishing yourself as a good steward of the environment that has been entrusted to us?